The Original React Conference in Europe

We are looking for a new location that is more accessible to everyone. The new location as well as date will be announced soon.


Schedule to be announced soon

New location to be announced soon.

The React ecosystem


The JS library that took the world by storm almost 10 years ago and change the way we thing about web apps

React Server Components

React Server Components is finally there and will greatly improve UX and the way we render components where they are delivered server side or client side.


Next.js makes it super easy to build full blown React apps with zero config while taking advantage of all the latest features of React including Server Components.

React Native and Expo

React Native and Expo make it ridiculously easy to build modern mobile apps using your web dev skills without sacrificing user experience.


GraphQL allows you to easily query data for you apps and matches perfectly with React.

State management

From Flux to redux, Recoil, useState or useReducer, React has always been obsessed with making state management first class.